I saw a shadow pass by the night

Struck a mirror out, there was nothing in sight

Thought of doubt filled my own mind

A ghost just passed by, I could not deny

Goose bumps popped up on my skin

Afraid of ghost that I had just seen

My heart was pounding, as it never has been

The same shadow passed by my cell yet again

I looked out the bars but the emptiness remained

I am certain the ghost was playing with my brain

In my confusion, I was going insane.

Back and forth, the shadow did not fail

Maybe there was a curse on my cell

Maybe a spirit had some back from hell

A chill in my bones, I was not feeling well

Suddenly a pigeon appeared at my door

He was pecking at something that lies on the floor

Then if Flew away just like before

Damn the pigeon…! I almost crapped on the floor.

By Noodles/Pham J93364

Folsom State Prison

P.O. Box 715071-Bldg: 5 Bed: 30

Repreas, CA 95671

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