I am master; I can never truly reveal my art;

I am artist, only I can perceive my masterpiece.

I am a magician; I will never reveal my trick;

I am a trickster. I perform elusive magic.

I am of virtue, I am worthy meritoriously;

I am of merit, this commence of great virtue.

I am a leader, I adhere the chain of commands;

I command with a compelled spirit, this makes for great


I am a scholar, I attain by digging my wit;

I am quick-witted, my erudition is defined scholastically.

I am a good listener, I observe before making an oration;

I will become a great orator by careful listening.

I hope to inspire, I will start with aspiration;

My will to aspire will one day gain inspiration.

I am brave by encountering my fears;

This makes me fearless, I counter with bravery.

I am important, I cherish all wealthily;

Once I am wealthy, I will acknowledge the importunate.

I am labeled an enemy, although I am quite friendly;

I am also ones’ friend, I may be ones enemy.

I am generous—Seek and will present with charity;

Because I am charitable, I give and donate generously.

I am considerate and Vigilant by great writing;

I am a writer, I will edit and re-edit.

I would like to brake and provide for mankind;

Most of all…I am a man, I will bring home the bacon.

By: Kue Lao K91134

DVI State Prison

P.O. Box 600

Tracy. CA 05378

“No one – not even the government itself – has ever been able to specify with any certainty the precise number of federal crimes defined … in the 27,000 or so pages of the U.S. Code.” In the 1980s, lawyers at the Department of Justice estimated that the criminal code contained 3,000 crimes. Today, the Heritage Foundation estimates the federal laws currently enumerate nearly 5,000 crimes, a number that grows every year.

Holly Harris, Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Action Network, told Foreign Affairs Magazine in “The Prisoner Dilemma” March /April 2017 www.ForeignAffairs.com

“64% of California’s jail population is awaiting trial or sentencing as of December 2016.” Most remain in pretrial custody because they cannot afford bail. Jail Profile Survey, http://www.bscc.ca.gov/

PPI’s “Correctional Control: Incarceration and Supervision by State” is the first report to aggregate data on all types of correctional control nationwide.

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