In the South where there’s pain but no ouch!

“Wait a minute Massa’s coming Drop yaw head, watch yaw mouth!

Yea we know what he about control if well make it out

Racial slurs disrespectful and as big as a house!

Ands he sits on a horse in the rocking chair on his porch!

Watching is picking he corn Sin beaming it hurts!

I swear this shit is the worst but he won’t break me of counsel!

Got a bic from the new chick, plan to make me a torch!

I’ll be in Seg or a corpse probably ends up in court!

Just trying hitting him where it hurts holding meetings in church!

Smashes melons and cantaloupe we stopped feeding his animals!

Some say were hurting ourselves still it feels like the antidote!

Because were fired and sick of this slavery shit!

Now we pay for our medication: What how crazy is this?

So when I spit or throw piss and my defiance persists know I have a lot of Defense I’m not crazy just pissed.


Jamal Thomas #1372882

Telford unit

3899 State Hwy 98

New Boston, TX 75570

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