Imprisoned at just 16. I have a lot of time.

The clock is slowly ticking; I’ve already pulled a dime.

It hurts because my brother first confessed to the same crime.

They changes the crime on paper, the DA was utter line.

I felt since day 1 that government was out to get me.

Interrogated with no parent, I’m embarrassed how they tricked me.

They’re fucking with my psyche toss my cell and like he was against me.

I swear he never once got to hear me ell my story.

He bragged about my record. I just heard “you can’t afford me.”

I spoke to God so regular that he couldn’t ignore me.

He opened up hella doors, Threw education before me.

Got my G.E.D. In 06’ and then I learned a trade.

Went to College in 08’ and right now I’m getting paid.

Cuz I started my own business and Aesthetics is the name.

On restriction never work cuz I’m no authority I don’t buy it.

They don’t want to let me out, like I represent defiance.

Writing grievances, speaking my mind and they don’t like it.

They either write me bogus cases or try to get me to fight Em’

I helped formulate a circle.” The dream team alliance.

Tried to get these prison politics’ down to a science.

We held classes in the dayroom. A treasury. it was righteous .

Administration broke us up said we could incite riots.

Despi9te it we lit a spark and as soon ads it was ignited.

Others also saw potential for greatness and started riding.

The Leader came who were speakers on units where they were shining

Influenced us with the truth and those more of us got excited.

Before we knew it a crew from the youth said they would try it.

We told elm that we should do it strategically wit no violence.

10-point programs strikes we really tried it.

Bt count’s get the exposure we needed it start sliding.

Downhill and slowly dying.

It’s like there was a force that resisted when we were climbing

Some of us pray for the day and we’ll never stop it.

We plan to hit elm where it hurts and where is That? in their pockets

It’s like this there’s a formula that I’ve found.

We don’t have to make a sound or nothing just lay it down.

No contracts just education and chow.

And if they want s to work, than they gotta pay us now.

The TCK (Texas correctional Industries_ I will crumble during this movement.

Cause when we form this union everybody won’t do shit. Those who have stock will bail because they’re losing.

Co’s will quit or pick up our slack in the confusion.

There no illusion all of this will work.

If they’re ‘bout the bottom dollar they’ll pay and stop being jerks.

or give our good time back and our supervisor.

We want the media involved and anyone who will listen.

If you’re reading and feeling this is serious.

Lyrics are how I vent but this slavery shit is killing us.

Revolt” we need support cause we’re felling nobody hearing us.


Jamal Thomas #1372882

Telford unit

3899 State Hwy 98

New Boston, TX 75570

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